Best Price Hair Removal Diode Laser 808nm Machine

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With a long pulse width and typical 808nm wavelength, this laser hair removal system penetrates epidermis to reach hair follicles. This device adopts a continuous pulse output mode.

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Principle of Laser Hair Removal

The laser generated by the semiconductor hair removal system can penetrate the epidermis to the hair follicle. According to the selective photothermal principle, the energy of the laser is preferentially absorbed by the melanin in the hair, effectively destroying the hair follicle and hair shaft, and then losing the hair regeneration ability.

Since the photothermal effect is confined to the hair follicles, it prevents the heat energy from damaging the surrounding tissues and does not form scars.

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✔ 1. Patent innovative handle design. Max energy conversion.
✔ 2. Three technology in 1 handle, 755+808+1064, fastest hair removal, It can work with all skin types and with all kinds of hair type, and skin type 5 and 6 safety hair loss treatment effective.
✔ 3. Laser bar USA coherent chips benefit lifetime more than 40 millions, over 3years effective treatment performance.
✔ 4. 12*25mm,12*20 and 12*12 Classically spot size design option, suitable for small and big parts same time.
✔ 5. Water temperature can stay at 24 degrees under long time Continuously, working non stop, 24 degrees is best working temperature for laser bars.

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Hair removal for all skin types and hair color; Super Skin rejuvenation.

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laser source USA imported laser RF tube
Wavelength 10600nm
Power max 40W output
Laser working mode Continuous/pulse
Output mode Ultra pulse, Single pulse, Fractional,vaginal
Fractional working mode Interval continuous working
Pulse width super pulse: pulse width: 1-100ms pulse interval: 1ms-999ms
pulse: pulse width: 1-999ms pulse interval: 1ms-999ms
Output Graphics Square, rectangle, round, triangle, oval, line graphics
Light guiding system 7 joints arm
Scanning mode Sequence mode, Random mode
Scan pattern size 0.1*0.1mm – 20*20mm
Aiming beam 650nm, ≤5mw
Cooling system Wind cooling,compressor cooling max-20 ℃
Power supply AC 220V±10%,50Hz AC 110V±10%,60Hz
Weight 85kg

Details & Structures

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Q1. Warranty of machine and fittings.
A1: We offer 2 years warranty for whole machine,During the warranty time ,we will get everything done for you.
A2: We offer door to door services by air or by express ( DHL/UPS/TNT etc).

Q3. What is delivery time?
A3: We have enough stock for the machine, and all the machine can be sent within 5 days after received the payment.

Q4. If I do not know clearly how to use the machine, how you can help me?
A4: when sending the machine to you, we will send the User Manuel and videos for you, and also we guarantee 2 years for whole machine, when you receive the machine, we will tell you how to use and how to solve problems.
If out of warranty time, we will also help you, and if necessary, we can offer you the fittings in the bottom price.

Q5. Technology supports?
A5: Our technology department will offer 24 hours service. help finding the problem, and show photos or video to solve that. All technical documents and fitting will be sent together with the machine. Also you will talk with me in any time by phone, wechat, skype, email.

Q6. After-Sale Service?
A6: The insurance will be purchased before shipment, avoid the loss from rough transportation.
During the warranty, the fitting will be replaced for free, although overdued, we will replace the fitting for you at the bottom cost.

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